Meet Thamizhachi

A Dravidian, Poet, Academician, Research Scholar. And now, to represent you the people of South Chennai at The Parliament of India.

I Promise You,

“South Chennai is a very prestigious constituency from which Peraringar Anna, Mr Murasoli Maran have been elected to the Lok Sabha. It is a great privilege to walk in their footprint and to be given an opportunity to represent this illustrious constituency. I am very well aware of the existing current problems such as the Pallikarnai marsh resurrection and the traffic congestion to name a few. Our able team and myself will work together to resolve all the problems faced by the residents of South Chennai.
My efforts towards this will be better than the best and I promise you that.

My only intent and the destination of my political journey is to serve you – for I’m one of you.”

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Political Jargon
For an Elected Official

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Why We need to vote for
Thamizhachi Thangapandian

  • Multiple Award Winner

    She has been awarded multiple awards for both her literary, cultural and social contributions. Pavendhar Bharathidasan Virudhu by the TN State Government, Certificate oh Honour by the UNICEF, Justice MM Ismail Memorial Award to name a few of the 23 awards she has received.

  • Equal rights activist

    She believes and lives by the fact that every human being is created equal and strives towards achieving that.

  • Academician

    She has been in the educational field as a lecturer from 1988 until 2008 – 20 years of educating and enlightening young minds.

  • Voice for the voiceless

    She has always been very vocal and forthright about her views and in criticising any prejudice, injustice meted out. This is the main reason why she wanted to foray into active politics and be in a position to get the change done that everyone wants done.

  • Eminent writer and scholar

    She has written 18 book so far and has a PhD from University of Madras. Her book Enjottu Penn as a whole collection has been included in Periyar University Syllabus.

  • Social Activist and Volunteer

    Her fight started from protesting against the then AIADMK government to stop the demolition of Queen Mary’s College right down to volunteering during times of need like Chennai and Cuddalore Floods, Vardha Cyclone to the recent Gaja Cyclone.


    Some women fear the fire
    Some women simply become it!

    A very successful and versatile woman who has always received appraisal and respect for her work.

    • Affiliation with DMK

      Influenced and attracted by the party’s ideologies she renounced her profession as Professor and engrossed herself in full-time politics.

    • Pen connect

      After the demise of her father, she immersed herself in literary works and has authored 18 books in various genres.

    • Voice of the Voiceless

      Apart from her affairs with the pen, she affiliates herself with public speaking with a special penchant for arts, literature, and culture.

      Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam Manifesto

      I, Thamizhachi Thangapandian a proud member of the Dravidian stock

      Women Empowerment

      The Party dedicated itself for women empowerment, equality and encouraged women representation. I belong to this legendary political party.

      Party Fights for Social Justice

      Our Party has transformed the social reform and social justice demands from ideas to political ideology to the law for people's welfare.

      Art, Literature and Rationality Wing

      She currently serve as the State Deputy President for the Art, Literature and Rationality Wing of the DMK Party.

      “From Sumathy to Thamizhachi”

      “It was when her father, respected Mr Thangapandian, passed away that Thamizhachi found her calling as a writer. The words healed her and after that there was no looking back for her. Her main strength lies in transporting the reader to the nativity that she grew up in; making the reader an audience of her life as she as captures the essence of every breath.
      She was given the name Thamizhachi by Kalaingar himself and Thamizhachi she has remained after that.”

      March 2019


      March 2019

      Pecharavam Ketilaiyo

      March 2019

      Enjottu Penn

      March 2019

      Nizhal Veli

      March 2019


      March 2019


      March 2019

      Avalukku Veyil Endru Peyar

      March 2019


      March 2019

      Internal Colloquies

      March 2019

      Island to Island

      March 2019

      Kalamum Kavithaiyum

      March 2019

      Kallin Kadungobam

      March 2019

      Katru Konarntha Kadithangal

      March 2019


      March 2019

      Mayileragu Manasu

      March 2019

      Muttu Veedu

      March 2019

      Naveenathuvathai Kamban

      March 2019


      March 2019

      Poonaigal Sorgathirku Selvathillai

      March 2019

      Sol Thodum Thooram

      Honor Our Past, Build for the Future

      - Thamizhachi Thangapandian for South Chennai -

      Become A Volunteer

      “The smallest of the water drops form the mighty ocean. You are an integral part of me and I ask you to come join me! Let us make a roar that resonates at the heart of India, The Parliament.”