Get Ready to Lead – Olivanna Book Release Speech 23.12.2017

தேதி: 22 Dec 2017

1.	Sense of humour.
2.	Scientific details also
3.	So many useful tips like - Recounting our own experiences of acquiring any skills.
Ex. through a Shaolin monk
The most difficult part is Team Work
4.	Interesting modified versions of the hare & the tortoise story.
5.	Promise is what we give to others commitment is what we give to ourselves
6.	Robert Frost - Two Roads diverged in a wood
7.	Creativity & imagination - Think differently dog biscuits
Book - “Who moved my cheese -“ Spencen Johnson
8.	To voucher or endorse his views & opinions quoting incidents from the failure of the Kodak Company...

Chapters Title:

1.	Goal Setting
2.	Attitude & Motivation
3.	Skill Development
4.	Sharpen Your Saw
5.	Team Work
6.	Think Differently
7.	Kaizen & Domino Effect
8.	Quality
9.	Time Management
10.	Social Intelligence
11.	Networking & Social Media 
	At the outset I would congratulate and say that this book has inspired me to be a better human being and that’s why I am here happily to be part of this launch.
Why should Olivannan write a book on management concepts when we already have Shiv kera, Robin Sharma and others?
	In my twenties, I was deeply inspired by Sojourner Truth.  Sojourner was a black liberationist who stood up to white men who not only mocked her, but even tried to set fire to the buildings in which she spoke.  When she was ridiculed for daring to address an assembly of “learned” men, she said, “If your jug holds a quart, and mine a pint, wouldn’t you be men not to let me have my half measure full?” Those words convinced me that everyone deserves a voice, even those who have none of their own and must let others speak for them. (One Can Make a Difference - Ingrid E.Newkirk: XV) This is Olivannan’s voice, which also helps others to voice out their own.
	Let me answer with this question reference from Ingrid in her book.
Also, I remember another saying here - ´Õ ¿¾¢Â¢ø... Likewise this book is different in its approaches & techniques.
Billie Jean probably said it best when she said something to the effort of, “I’ve been playing for years and I’ve never seen the ball come over the net the same way twice.” You have to constantly adjust your playing to get it just right. In some other sports there’s always a need for a new reaction.  When the ball’s coming at you, you have to react and consider, in a split second, the surface, the opponent, the wind, all sorts of factors.  I’ve never understood how Venus [Williams] could say she is bored after forty-five minutes.  It’s always different, always exciting. (One Can Make a Difference - Ingrid E.Newkirk: 169)
Olivannan is an energetic, extra-ordinarily motivated, wonderfully articulate person with an infectious smile and positive demeanor you cannot categorise him as a normal, ordinary person with mundane, worldly tasks.
	Then they might say, “Well, it’s not normal.” I think of Naomi Judd’s words.  She said, “Normal? Normal is just a cycle in a washing machine.” You can have a normal temperature, a normal water level, but what is a normal human being when we are so full of emotion, love and sexuality? (One Can Make a Difference - Ingrid E.Newkirk: 172)
W.Somerset Maugham once said, “Only average people are at their best every day.” (One Can Make a Difference - Ingrid E.Newkirk: 173)

When Life Gives You Elephants, Make Orange Juice - Carol Buckley

In the woods of Tennessee, there is a sanctuary for elephants lucky enough to have escaped forever from the hard life of the circus or the boredom of the zoo. The Elephant Sanctuary, was founded by one Carol Buckley in 1995. (One Can Make a Difference - Ingrid E.Newkirk: 24)
	The Universe never gives you more than you need and never gives you more than you can deal with. (One Can Make a Difference - Ingrid E.Newkirk: 26)
	Next came our first rescued elephant, Barbara.  She was a circus elephant who had been rejected by Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey, but was probably the wisest creature I’ve ever met. (One Can Make a Difference - Ingrid E.Newkirk: 27)

A Vision of Physical Loveliness - John Gardner says,

John Gardner was in his late forties when he became blind. He wasn't prepared for it to happen. What he knew was that, somehow, he had to continue in his career as a physicist, although that wasn't going to be easy. In fact, if it hadn't been for his experience and effort, it might well have been impossible. John is an example of when "the blind leading the blind" can mean something extraordinarily positive. ViewPlus, the company he started, provides new tools for people with disabilities, including what some people are calling "the new Braille." This advanced system allows the blind to access data in many different forms and has revolutionized the field. When John lost his sight, he discovered what else was missing and set out to fill the gap. His determination to succeed is a terrific example of the power of one. (One Can Make a Difference - Ingrid E.Newkirk: 61)
	“There is a motto I like very much.  It’s from the National Federation of the Blind, an organization that does a lot of good.  It’s, “Being blind is a nuisance.” My aim is to make it a bit less of one. (One Can Make a Difference - Ingrid E.Newkirk: 65) for me being ignorant is nuisance and this is well explained in the skill Development Chapter of this book.
Six Reasons to Set Goals

	As the novelist Saul Bellow said: “A plan relieves you of the torment of choice. As Mark Twain noted: “If everyone was satisfied with themselves there would be no heroes.” (The Greatness Guide - Robin Sharma: 173, 174)

Goal Setting:

Life is also like an inverter but sadly we do not know how long it would last. Therefore it becomes essential to design our lives meaningfully and purposefully. The purpose is defi ned in management terms as GOAL. (Get Ready to Lead - G.Olivannan: 4)
	Every evening an old man used to visit a park with his dog. He would spend time talking to his 	friend. The dog would wander in the park. Everyday a BMW car would pass by. The dog would 	chase it till it turns to the next street. This was happening every day. The friend asked the dog owner,” every day the dog chases that car. Do you think one day it would catch it?” The old man replied, “my worry is what would it do even if it catches”. (Get Ready to Lead - G.Olivannan: 6)
	Like this many of us chase something or other and not sure what we would do after accomplishing it.

Accessing Our Capabilities

SWOT : Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat

A father to his son who had just completed his graduation was explaining the seriousness of life and how he should set a goal and access his capabilities, particularly the concept of SWOT analysis in great detail. After hearing his sermon, the son asked ‘were you trying to explain me about SWOT?’ The father nodded approvingly. ‘Dad, it is a simple concept, for which you need not have gone to this much trouble. I am young and charming, this is my strength. There is a pretty girl living in the adjacent house, and this is my weakness. Perturbed, the father asked ‘then what are the opportunities?’ She visits our neighbour’s house regularly is the opportunity. Then what is the threat? ‘Her father is a strict police officer’. The father almost fainted. 

Just Pick Yourself Up... and Start All Over Again - Andy Granatelli

Indianapolis is the most famous speedway in the world, you are also sure to know that Andy is a genius, one of the great legends of American motor racing, a man who not only designed some of the fastest engines ever to power race cars, but also set over 400 land-speed records. His name is also synonymous with STR the motor oil additive company he bought quite cheaply in 1963 and made world-famous. More important is Andy's rags-to-riches story that all came about because of his will to succeed. He embodies the "can do" attitude that makes America great. And not only can k do for himself; but he seems to have limitless ideas of what he "can do" for others. (One Can Make a Difference - Ingrid E.Newkirk: 66)
My mother was killed when I was twelve. She worked hard, taking care of my brothers and my dad, who was sick a lot, and me. There were lots of problems. My father was an Italian immigrant who had to struggle to make ends meet. I knew what it was like to starve, to be hungry. Nothing in life came easily. A lot of people think my dad got me into racing, but when they read something that they think is about my father, it's about me! We didn't have a car; my dad couldn't change a spark plug his whole life. That's not how I got started. What happened was that I was listening to the radio and the Indianapolis 500 race came on. It was 1935. When I heard those motors zooming around, I was hooked. That noise can do something to you. From that moment on, it was my goal to be around cars, to understand cars, to work on cars. (One Can Make a Difference - Ingrid E.Newkirk: 67)
Regrets? By the time my father died in 1977, I’d been in twenty-two Halls of Fame in twelve different categories, so he knew I was a success, but I still wish he had been around to see me being knighted by the president of Italy in 1994.  That would have made his heart sing like one of my engines! More than anything.  I wish my mother could have seen my achievements.  It would have made her so proud.  Throughout all the ups and downs, though, I never let depression enter my sights.  I never look back in life, always forward.  You could say I have no rearview mirror! (One Can Make a Difference - Ingrid E.Newkirk: 70) well I cannot equate this with Olivannans experiences, but 

Skill Development: (Sense of Humour)

Before I familiarised all these things he gave another set of instructions, ‘press the clutch, shift the gear to one, press the accelerator ‘gently’ and release the clutch ‘gently’. My English teacher never taught me what exactly the word ‘gently’ in the context of a car. The synchronization of clutch and accelerator with right amount of pressure was more complex than the complex analysis paper in Mathematics. (Get Ready to Lead - G.Olivannan: 25)

Making Purposeful Laughter - Mark McGowan 
A desire to bring art to the masses. I've always been drawn to people who engage others, who never forget that, no matter how far from each other our jobs or circumstances draw us, a sense of com-munity, of being part of a bigger conversation, is important. This whole book is the result of been observation, constant drive to engage others productively as well with care & concern.
	I don’t want to ever be jaded.  I keep in mind the story of a theatrical agent who has been in the business twenty-five years.  An entertainer goes to his office and the agent says “What do you do?” so the entertainer runs across the room, swan dives out of the window, does the loop de loop in the air, comes back in, does a rolling handstand and then the splits.  The agent looks up at him and says, “So, what else can you do?” (One Can Make a Difference - Ingrid E.Newkirk: 142)
My answer is: I make art accessible to everyone. (One Can Make a Difference - Ingrid E.Newkirk: 145)

Running on Cheetah Legs - Aimee Mullins 

	The fastest woman on artificial legs in the world. (One Can Make a Difference - Ingrid E.Newkirk: 166)
When I went on Oprah's show, she bent down and examined my artificial legs. She then looked up at the audience and said, "I will never complain about having to get on the tread-mill at the gym again!" The audience laughed along with her. I didn't really see the point of why she thought that my having prosthetic legs equated to me loving to get on the treadmill. I said to her, "Why? I hate the treadmill as much as you all do and I go to the gym for the same reason you all do. Because my ass would weigh 300 pounds if I didn't!" (I love food!) And that's how it is. I'm going through the same things as everyone else, I get afraid the same as anyone else, and I want to look good like everyone else. If I'm known for my talent, I think that does more to change the idea of what it is to have a "disability" than if I am an object of misdirected sympathy. Feelings are universally human. I feel the sting of being too proud, or of being scared, or the responsibility that comes with succeeding—you have to keep dreaming bigger, and resist that urge to censor yourself and your wildest imagination. I am forging through this life just like everyone else. Perhaps the only difference for me is that I can be any height I want to be and put on the most gorgeous pair of high heels you can imagine, just by putting on a different pair of legs! (One Can Make a Difference - Ingrid E.Newkirk: 167)

Team Work:

The moral we learnt from this story was ‘slow and steady wins the race’.
This tells us a moral that ‘speed and consistency is essential for winning’.
This incident tells us that “one has to play to his strength - where their core competency lies”. (Get Ready to Lead - G.Olivannan: 49)

Get Fit to Lead

	I remember a professional speaker named Peter Urs Bender once telling me: “Robin, some people go to church each day.  Well, my church is the gym.  And each day that’s where I go to get blessed.” I also remember a participant in one of my leadership seminars sharing: “Exercise is an insurance policy I’ve taken out on my health.  And each day that I go into the gym, I’m paying the premium.” Yet another person told me recently at a book signing: “Good health is a crown on the head of a well person that only a sick person can see.” (The Greatness Guide - Robin Sharma: 152)

	If I could be granted one wish, it would be to convert “me” into “we.” That way, we could fill our hearts with love and kindness and there would be no room left for fear or hate. (One Can Make a Difference - Ingrid E.Newkirk: 181)

When Being Tough Is Not Enough - Mickey Rourke

	I’m a work in progress; every day I have to remind myself to keep on that road.  It has taken me ten years to push the cart back up the hill, to reinvent myself, but I feel good! (One Can Make a Difference - Ingrid E.Newkirk: 198)

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