Regarding  expediting the extension of Chennai-MRTS from Valachery to St. Thomas Mount


Mr. Chairperson, Sir, the Chennai-MRTS which was started initially from Chennai Beach Station to Chepauk in 1995 on 01.11.1995 was later extended up to Thirumayilai on 19.10.1997. It was further extended up to Thiruvanmiyur on 26th January, 2004. The Chennai-MRTS was subsequently extended up to Velachery as on 19.11.2007, covering a distance of 19.34 kilometres and 18 stations along the route. In 2008, the Southern Railway took up the work for further extension of Chennai-MRTS, for about five kilometres, from Velachery to St. Thomas Mount. Unfortunately, it remains pending for the last 13 years for various reasons, including problems related to land acquisition. The pending litigation was duly cleared and orders passed in favour of the Chennai MRTS by the Madras High Court. South Chennai is the hub for IT corridor, business and many industries. People from all over India travel to and fro in South Chennai for their business and job related purposes. Traffic congestion in South Chennai is not only a major hazard to the public, but also creates undue hardships. I would like to point out that the five-kilometre stretch from Velachery to St. Thomas Mount is one of the main arterial routes in the suburban transport system of Chennai. It connects suburban routes, Chennai Metro and also Southern Railway lines. There is an urgent need for speedy action for the extension of Chennai MRTS route from Velachery to St. Thomas Mount. Completion of this stretch will not only bring about vast changes in the prevailing traffic congestion in Chennai, particularly South Chennai, and ease the plight of the public, but also it will help in reducing the carbon footprint due to excess vehicles on road. Above all, completion of the stretch will make a positive turn around in the physical and financial performances of Chennai-MRTS as also the success of the suburban transport system in Chennai. Hence, I urge upon the Union Government to expedite the extension of MRTS from Velachery to St. Thomas Mount.



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