(xvii) Regarding water problem of Tamil Nadu


Tamil Nadu has been one of the most consistent and productive States contributing substantially to the Central Exchequer. Unfortunately, the people of
Tamil Nadu are suffering a lot due to the step motherly treatment by the Centre and lackadaisical approach of the State Government. When it comes to fulfill the
water needs of the people, especially the farmers both the centre and state are awfully short and inadequate. Tamil Nadu is always starving for water and perennially been water deficit
State with the annual per capita availability of water being 860 cubic meters only, as against the national average of 1869 cubic meters. It is unfortunate that the
Government of Tamil Nadu at present has made no proper scientific innovative efforts in this regard but indiscreetly tapped almost all of its surface water
resources. The ground water resources are most exploited and fast depleting. In several places, the ground water is not available even at 1000 feet. In this
scenario, Tamil Nadu has to look for sources beyond its frontiers to meet the water needs of its growing population. Therefore, there is an urgent need to find
alternate sources to meet the water needs of Tamil Nadu. The only solution to water starved Tamil Nadu is to transfer water from Godavari to Cauvery.
Though Tamil Nadu has addressed the National Water Development Agency on 4.9.2019 to divert 200 TMC ft. of water at the Tamil Nadu border to meet the growing drinking water needs of Tamil Nadu and to stabilize the area under irrigation by linking Godavari -Cauvery, it has not led to desired result. I urge the Union Government to take necessary steps to provide 200 TMC
ft. of water from Godavari, by coordinating with the riparian states of Godavari and to finalize the preparation of Detailed Project Report of Godavari – Cauvery link and financial sanction be accorded quickly, so that the water needs of Tamil Nadu are fulfilled at the earliest.


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