Title: Request the government to ensure that satate Invocation Song should be sung in all functions in Tamil nadu.


Thank you very much, hon. Chairperson, Sir, for allowing me to raise a very important issue of public importance.

Sir, it is very sad and disappointing to note that in the recently concluded 58th Convocation held in IIT Chennai on 20th November, the State’s invocation song was not sung which is an obvious deviation from the protocol.

Sir, this song was introduced as a State official invocation song by our reverend beloved leader of DMK Party, Dr. Kalaignar way back in 1970 and from then onwards, it is a protocol that it is being sung in all the important State and Union Government functions where dignitaries are present. But this has been gravely breached of. I would like to state in this House that this is not the first case. It had already stirred the hornet’s nest way back in 2018 when the State’s invocation song was not sung. Instead, a Sanskrit song was sung. Sir, we are not against any other languages. We love all languages, but we worship Tamil.    So, I would like to request the concerned Ministry, through you, to ensure that the State’s invocation song should be sung in all the functions.

VIDEO LINK: https://sansad.in/getFile/AVDebatesclips/videogallery/videos/video14635.mp4?source=memberslsmedia

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