Title:     Regarding issue of toll gates.


Hon. Chairperson, Sir, thank you very much.

Sir, toll gates have become a menace for the common people who feel the pinch of it every time they pass the toll gates. I would like to term it as a ‘Government-sponsored highway robbery’. Recently, the hon. Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Shri Nitin Jairam Gadkari, has promised, on the floor of the House, that the toll gates – which are operating within a length of sixty kilometres on national highways – will be removed within three months’ time. But nothing has been done in this regard. Our hon. Chief Minister, Thalapathy M.K. Stalin has requested the hon. Minister to remove all such toll gates immediately. But several such toll gates are still operating, levying high toll fees and causing a lot of grief to the common public. Even our hon. Minister of Highways, in the State, Thiru Velu, had also given a representation to the hon. Union Minister in this regard. Hon. Chairperson, Sir, with regard to the existing toll gates between Surappattu and Vanagaram, there is a sudden rise in fees from Rs. 10 to about Rs. 40. This is a heavier price. For a one-time travel by car, jeep and van, toll has been increased by Rs. 5. This is the last straw on the common people.

Sir, the Surappattu – Vanagaram toll gates are hardly separated by 19.50 kilometres. Similar is the case with Vikravandi and Sengurichi. Toll gates between Attur and Vikravandi are just 43 kilometres apart.  Sengurichi and Thirumandurai toll gates are just 52.5 kilometres apart. I can also name Samayapuram and Boothakudi. There are so many others in the list.

I would like to request the hon. Union Minister, through you, to consider this request not only as an hon. Member of Parliament but also, as a common citizen of India, and also to do away with the toll gate charges. Thank you.

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