Regarding introduction of Women’s Reservation Bill and its passing.


Thank you very much, Sir, for giving me this opportunity. … (Interruptions) I would like to bring to the attention of this august House with a deep sense of anguish and disappointment the lackadaisical and carefree attitude of this Government towards bringing the Women’s Reservation Bill, which provides 33 per cent reservation for them in the Lok Sabha. … (Interruptions)

This Government had proudly announced in its manifesto that it would implement and bring out this Bill as soon as it assumed office. … (Interruptions) It has been nine years since it has come to power and with a thumping majority, but still the Bill has not seen the light of the day. … (Interruptions) This shows that their manifesto is a sham and a farce. … (Interruptions)

It is not that women were not very empowered in this millennial era itself. They were not so right from the First Century BC when Aristotle was teaching his principles that women were inferior, but there was one woman who disguised as a man and got the doctoral degree to be celebrated as the first woman doctor in the world. So, in history it has been imprinted about her achievements, and our Constitution also assures dignity and freedom from discrimination. Article 4 of our Constitution guarantees women equal opportunity as well as equality. So, it is high time that this Bill has to see the light of the day because it has already been delayed after so many consultations. Our Prime Minister as well as all the Cabinet Ministers will profess about uplifting women with noble intentions of making them empowered, and if they really mean to do what they say, then it is high time that this Bill should be brought to light. Thank you, Sir.

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