Sir, thank you very much for allowing me to raise an important issue here. Marriage is a crucial institution in the society reinforcing several societal structures, not all of which are based on equality. Several models of marriages have been adopted by communities since time immemorial. But way back, 50 years ago, the most revolutionary iconic leader of self-respect movement,
Thanthai Periyar has advocated self-respect marriages as against the Hindu marriages which were solemnized by a priest in the Sanskrit language because it is an alternative providing a feminist dialogue giving equality between men and women. Marriage is made in heaven, they say, but Periyar insisted that marriages should be decided both by a man and a woman which is enshrined as a Fundamental Right in the Constitution. Tamil Nadu is the first Government to make it a legalized one and the credit goes to our founder leader Perarignar Anna. I request the Union Government to legalize selfrespect marriages throughout the country.

VIDEO LINK:  https://sansad.in/getFile/AVDebatesclips/videogallery/videos/video17271.mp4?source=memberslsmedia

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