Title: Need to open welfare center and one-step centers for Women’s mental well-being in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.


Hon. Speaker, Sir, thank you for allowing me to place an important issue about one of the major problems of almost all women in the world. The role of women in this world is so diverse and multi-functional that they are subject to accept a new kind of responsibility every now and then. According to the census of 2011, the urban and metropolitan population of women in Chennai was almost 43 lakhs which would have definitely increased manifold by now. We are proud multi-taskers but the amount of pressure we undergo when we need to balance our home and career is so acute that most of the women fall prey to depression; and mental health is one of the major problems faced by women all over the world. Talking about it openly is still considered a taboo. Therefore, I would like to suggest the Government to establish counselling centres or welfare centres under the Nirbhaya fund and the One Step Centres to attend to the mental well-being of women as well by appointing a full-time psychologist using the remaining funds allocated. According to the official data, States and Union Territories have utilized less than 20 percent of the budget allocated to them under the Nirbhaya fund for the safety of women by the Central Government between 2015 and 2018. Additionally, I would like the Government to urge the States to establish more One Step Centres in Chennai as there is only one such facility for more than 40 lakh women residing in Chennai, especially none in my South Chennai constituency which is a big one. Therefore, I would like to request the Minister of Women and Child Development to take the suggestion and to make necessary implements.

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