Title: Demand to provide GPS facility to fishermen for their boats.

Sir, in my  constituency, south Chennai is a coastal constituency. In July, 10 fishermen had gone out on a fishing expedition. What was to be a 10-day fishing expedition turned out to be a two-month nightmare and ordeal, where they were starving off the coast of Myanmar. Luckily, these 10 fishermen were found.

Earlier, there was a similar incident where seven people had gone for fishing and they are not still traced. The boat has been found washed away in some other part of our country.

Sir, our country has one of the longest coast lines. It is about 7000 kilometres. The fishermen’s efforts have put India on the world map where India is the second largest fishing nation in the world. When so much is being done by about 40 lakh fishermen, I feel it is the responsibility of the Government to ensure the safety of these fishermen. It has not happened in my constituency in the State of Tamil Nadu alone, the other States like Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Maharashtra are facing similar problems.

Therefore, I request the Government to at least provide GPS to these fishermen for their boats so that even if they are lost at sea, they will be identified and located. I request the Department of Fisheries to look into this matter and do the needful. Thank you very much.

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