Title: Regarding dropping proposed amendments to IAS Cadre Rules-laid.


Tamil Nadu Chief Minister has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to drop the proposed amendments to IAS Cadre Rules as they would go against principles of federalism and rights of State Governments.

The move would lead to disaster, concentration of powers with the Centre and cause friction between the Union and State Governments. The move will also induce fear psychosis and attitude of hesitancy among All-India Service Officers in implementing State Government policies.

Many State Governments are woefully short of officers at specific seniority levels primarily due to the alleged wrong cadre management policies of the Centre. While the Union Government is using the common pool of Group-I officers at the national level, the State Governments solely depend on the limited pool of IAS officers available in the State.

The Union Government’s hasty eagerness to bring such drastic changes into the basic structures of the system without going through consultative process is once again grossly violative of the federal structure of the nation. Neither the bureaucracy nor the State Governments, the two important stakeholders in this serious issue, welcome this move.

Therefore I urge the Union Government to drop the proposed amendments to IAS Cadre Rules and strictly stick to the healthy cooperative federal system enshrined in the Constitution of India.

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