Title : Source of interaction in Government website

The Centrally run Government websites in India such as the Unified Portal of Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) use only Hindi and English as their primary source of interaction. While acknowledging the importance of both languages, it is equally important to acknowledge the widely spoken regional languages in India and incorporate translation options on websites and portals into regional languages or a language of choice for users. According to the 2001 census, 53.6% of the Indian population speaks Hindi, while English is used by 12% of Indians. But, thirteen languages found in the Eighth Schedule account for more than 1% of the Indian population each. Others are spoken by less than 1% of the population. Therefore, the government should incorporate all the languages found under the Eighth Schedule of the Indian constitution into government websites and portals, mandatorily for ease of understanding. The inclusion of translation features would greatly benefit individuals who are not proficient in Hindi or English. Such an addition would promote inclusivity and accessibility for all citizens, regardless of their linguistic background, thereby empowering them to effectively navigate and comprehend the content available on these critical government platforms. Hence, I urge upon the Union Government to incorporate translation options into regional languages or a language of choice for users on Government Websites for ease of understanding and fostering inclusivity.

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