Title : Need to replace the existing National Exit Test (NEXT)

The National Exit Test (NEXT) has been clouded by conflicting claims from the National Medical Commission (NMC). Confusion continues to engulf the students. According to NMC’s announcement, the test will be held for the 2019 batch of students. A mock exam was announced with no previous notice, almost as though the test was foisted on the students. NEXT, as an exam, is solely based on multiple choice questions (MCQs). When studying for the exam, students will have to concentrate solely on the MCQ format and not on clinical knowledge.The present University Curriculum Assesses both Practical and Academic Knowledge. Furthermore, students will also have to seek independent NEXT tutoring, which will burden the students further more. The students of various Government Medical Colleges in Thanjavur, Chennai,Thiruvarur and Trichy had staged a demonstration in July beginning, demanding withdrawal of the same. Sir, the government of Tamil Nadu has consistently opposed the implementation of NEET for UG and PG medical seats and adding one more exam is absolutely unnecessary and untenable. In this light, I urge the Union Government to place a ban on the National Exit Test and defer from introducing any such exams in the future.

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