Thank you very much, hon. Speaker, Sir.

I would like to bring the attention of the hon. Minister to an important issue. It is about K.Nalini, a sister of ours from Sri Lanka, a brethren. She is a Sri Lankan refugee and a resident of a refugee camp in Trichy. Recently, as directed by the hon. High Court, she received her passport. She had fled from Sri Lanka back in 1980s during the initial stages of the ‘Black July’, which
afterwards, was followed by genocide of our brethren Tamilians there. She has been living in the refugee camp ever since with her family. Sir, in this scenario, I would like to ask one question. Does the Ministry currently issue passports? Does the Ministry have plans to issue passports to children of Sri Lankans born in Indian territory? If so, has any passport been issued? Do you have any plans to issue it in the future because it is a very important issue? Thank you


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