Regarding deaths caused due to falling into borewells


Hon. Chairman, it is very sad that hundreds of children falling into bore wells a
disaster that we can live without. The unfolding scenario on the recent death of a
two-year old in Tamil Nadu shows that we are still stuck in the situation that we
encountered almost 12 years ago. In fact, some estimates show that around two
thirds of the children who fall into the borewell shafts are killed each year. But the
worst part is that despite the regular recurrence of such events over the years,
nothing substantial has been done to put an end to these harrowing incidents.
While it is true that the Central and State Governments have made regulations to
ensure that adequate safeguards are put in place to prevent such incidents, the
scenario continues unabated.
The Supreme Court had issued guidelines to prevent such incidents in
2010. Despite these regulations, there has been no dearth of causalities.
However, the Government has no details about the action taken against the guilty
or the compensation paid for the deaths of children. With hundreds of thousands of borewells dotting the country and increasing
more numbers drilled each year in an elusive search of the fast-depleting
resources, it is unlikely that a few officials of the State can effectively intervene to
end this growing menace. For this to happen we have to ensure that the society
as such eschews its callous approach and works continuously to ensure that
safety measures of the highest standard are implemented to ensure that no child
again falls into a borewell shaft. I urge the Union Government to bring a
comprehensive law to prevent further loss of lives.


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